I was a proud Bernie supporter. I am also very proud of the Democratic primary. In my opinion, the Democratic primary included a variety of potential presidential nominees who were qualified, thoughtful and caring. During the primary process, motivated groups of people joined the political process who had previously felt excluded. Those engaged in the primary helped to create a new vision for the Democratic party. To me, this is how politics should work.

I would love to see both parties have primaries with highly qualified candidates who care about issues. I would like to see them debate the merits of policy changes. I would like to see knowledgeable, informed candidates and voters engaging in the political process. I was disheartened that the Republican primary did not display this thoughtfulness.

I identify as a liberal. I have voted for liberal Republicans and rejected conservative Democratic candidates. My loyalty is to my liberal values – inclusion and care – not to a party. Yet I am also proud to be associated with the Democratic party for this election. I am proud of the primary. I am proud of the nominee. Hillary Clinton is a compassionate, immensely qualified, hard-working, knowledgeable person. I am confident she will be an excellent president.

I am honestly terrified of Donald Trump as president. He seems extremely cruel and reckless.

As a liberal, I am dedicated to inclusion. I want everyone to vote. I want everyone to be included in our political process. I want this even though one of the candidates scares me. Therefore, I encourage all Americans to vote for the candidate they believe will be best for our country. Whether that is a vote for the Democratic or Republican candidate, a third party or write-in, I want all our voices to be heard.

Our presidential election is extremely important. The president sets the direction for federal policy, and many federal policies and programs impact our daily lives. Our state and local elections matter too. We need a Congress that can work with the president. We need governors with our best interests at heart. We need local leaders who are responsive to our communities. The policies at these levels directly impact our health, safety and prosperity.

Your vote matters. I’m excited to cast my vote for the candidates that represent my values. Voting is one privilege and responsibility of government by, of, and for the people. I hope that in addition to voting, you consider engaging in your government – attend a town hall, write or call your leaders, join a civic organization. Our government is not separate from us, it is us. Please join me and #VoteAnyway.

To register to vote, or to confirm or update your voter registration, click here.


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