In the beginning…

Why start blogging? I have something to say!

About?… So much, but to start, my main interest is to address the potential intersections between scholarship and practicalities in higher education. I am part of both worlds. As a doctoral student in an interdisciplinary program, I’m exploring issues in the humanities and social sciences. As a university administrator at a different institution, I’m interested in practical issues in curriculum development, academic policy, and implementation and how to serve learners and educators.

In addition, I am interested in activism.  How do we change the world? I think ideas can do this, because some ideas lead to action. Therefore, I think words have power, and I’m interested in using my words powerfully.

Some of the topics, I plan to explore here are related to my research and professional interests listed below.

Thank you for journeying with me!


  • African Studies
  • History
  • Media Representation
  • Feminism
  • Body Image
  • Linguistics and Communications Theory
  • Mystery Literature
  • Power
  • Race and Racism



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